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Manmade continuous project

Manmade is an ongoing project about the wild fires in Portugal. Consider these facts; more than the half of the forest fires in 2016 in the European Union took place in Portugal. The ICNF* investigated for 2013 that 25% of the forest fires were intentional, 31% by negligent behaviour and 1% by natural cause. The other 28% have unknown causes. Extreme heat and continuous drought in the summer period let the forests in central and north of Portugal became to a very sensitive ecosystem. The lumber industry is one of the most important economies in these regions but there are many profiteers from the forest fires and even more rumors about them. People talk about fathers who send their underage sons to set fire, about old woman taking revenge, firefighting pilots who set fire because they are paid by hours or just to increase the price of wood. The fires burn whole landscapes and sometimes villages, houses or men. The smoke of the fires in the sky let the light of the sun become deep orange.

*Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests